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A road trip across the USA

I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip across USA 🇺🇸 in a Motorhome. How many times have I heard that “California is not exact America”. A few years ago, my friends and I traveled 7 times in a car with a trailer across Europe and it was really rock’n’roll.

So my dream begins to come true.

The first part of this tour will be active and energetic – in touch with the filming of the TV show “Guitar Hunters”, which deals with the search for Jimmy Hendrix guitars, vintage guitars, hidden from the eyes of guitars from private collections and so on. And will end in Florida.
The second part of the journey will take place in the North of America and will be more relaxed and meditative. In the second part of this tour, my friends will join me. Read more about the journey as well as about my RV (motorhome) I will show you in the vlog which is going to lead on YouTube channel “Beverly Films” during this trip.

Thank you for your attention, and please, ask me questions – I will be glad to answer.
Also, if you know and can recommend places that are worth visiting on the way – please do not hesitate to write. I will be glad to make a stop there, to scout, and tell everyone about it.

So: here is a travel map, that looks like this:

Part 1:

Los Angeles (California)
Phoenix (Arizona)
El Paso (TX)
Austin (Texas)
Dallas (Texas)
Jackson (Mississippi)
Memphis (Tennessee)
Nashville (Tennessee)
Atlanta (Georgia)
Tampa (Florida)

Part 2:

Tampa (Florida)
Miami (Florida)
Key West (Florida)
Orlando (Florida)
Jacksonville (Florida)
Washington, D.C. (district of Columbia)
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)
New York (NY)
Boston (Massachusetts)
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)
Cleveland (Ohio)
Detroit (Michigan)
Chicago (Illinois)
Minneapolis (Minnesota)
Mount Rushmore (South Dakota)
Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
Glacier National Park (Montana)
Seattle (Washington)
Olympic National Park (Washington)
Portland (Oregon)
Redwood National Park (California)
Sacramento (California)
San Francisco (California)
Monterey (California)
Santa Barbara (California)
Los Angeles (California)


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